"Reckless laugh to merriment and the good fun" - Tokyo Mirror

 Writing/Producing Credits: Duncan McKenzie

Member: Writer's Guild of Canada, ACTRA

TRAIN 48 (www.train48.com)

2003-: Showrunner (writer-producer) for this critically acclaimed improvised drama set on a commuter train going from Toronto to the suburbs. Over 200 episodes and counting.

HISTORY BITES (sketch comedy) (www.historybites.com)

1998-2002: Writer and story editor for five seasons  (>100 episodes) of this Gemini-Award-winning half-hour sketch comedy series starring Rick Green (The Frantics, Red Green Show) which asks the question, "What if television had existed for the past 2000 years?" Principal  writer on the following episodes:

  • "Dead Philosopher Walking" (Death  of Socrates)
  • "Great Fire of London"
  • "Shakespeare in Love - Drake in Battle"
  • "Cartier Does Canada"
  • "Everything You Need to Know About God"  (Council of Nicaea)
  • "The Commander in Chief is a Eunuch" (Cheng Ho the eunuch admiral)
  • "Battle of the Antipopes"
  • "Goodbye Tudor Rose" (Henry VIII)
  • "Alexander's Wartime Band" (Alexander  the Great)
  • "The Man Who Wouldn't Be King" (Cromwell)
  • "The First Emperor" (Sargon)
  • "Rock and Roll Has Got to Go" (Greek Music)
  • "Psychic Celebrity" (Nostradamus)
  • "Xena's Evil Sister" (Boadicea)
  • "The Uncivil War"
  • "Kamikaze Save the Day"
  • "The Domesday Book"
  • "Tax This!" (American Revolution)
  • "Got You Dead To Rights" (Pope Formosus and the Cadaver Synod)
  • "A.D.D in 1495 AD" (Leonardo)
  • "A Newtiful Mind" (Newton)
  • "Never Been Kissed" (Ulrich von Lichtenstein)

HOZE HOUNDZ (animation)


Wrote (with Eric Lunsky) the following episodes for this animated series:

  • "Tattoed"
  • "Badderama"
  • "Mission Improbable"
  • "The Big Downer"
  • "Disappearing Act"
  • "Houndz in Hornz"
  • "Hozerdysseus"
  • "Arabian Houndz"
  • "Gumshoe Houndz"
  • "Fontaine's Schooldays"
  • "GUMsmoke"
  • "Sea Pixies"
  • "Jest in Time"



Wrote and produced this short mockumentary comedy, winner in the 2000 MocDocs  competition, and featured in Toronto's Hot Docs festival, about the heroic American  men and women who went off to watch Ken Burns' ten-hour documentary "The  Civil War".

VAGUE (book)

Edited and wrote for this fashion magazine parody  by Thomas Hagey (author of Playboar, Cowsmopolitan). (www.vagueworld.com)

FLOG (Fore the Love of Golf) (book)

Edited and wrote for this book by Thomas Hagey (see above) satirizing the world  of golf. (www.flogworld.com)


  • "John A" - three script development  deal with CBC Television for a historical sitcom. Script Editor: Dan Redican  (The Frantics, Kids in the Hall)
  • Nearly a thousand sketches and songs for our troupe The Six Flying Hamsters, which performed around Toronto between 1989  and 1993 
  • The Unresolved Fury of Cupid's Private Dick, a three-act sketch comedy play
  • Wrote/produced numerous news-based sketches  for CBC Radio
  • Wrote standup routines for pro, semi-pro and amateur performers in Canada and the US
  • Comedy corporate video scripts (eg, Beaver Lumber, BTV, Mmmuffins, Tim Hortons, Astra-Zeneca)
  • Artistic Director, Theatresports Toronto (improvisational theatre)

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