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 "Reckless laugh to merriment and the good fun" - Tokyo Mirror


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Where  am I? What is this place?

You have reached the website of McKenzie Comedy Productions Ltd., purveyors of pre-packaged comedy and mirth produce.

Who we are: We are a team of three comedy writers - Duncan McKenzie (who created this site), Amy McKenzie, and Eric Lunsky.

Writing services: TV comedy writing, script editing, standup routines, corporate video scripts.

Our credits: Our writing credits include TV sketch comedy, sitcoms, animation, books,  film, and radio. Click here for a list.

Contact us:duncan@mkz.com

Writings and other online wisdom

Relish our other online works. A useful poem to memorize the value of  pi to the last digit. The infamous Cheese and Lego  Home Page. Some tips on how to fight robots.

NEW: My wonderful pages on Pitman Shorthand.

NEWER: My online comedy website The Daily Week


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